Queer hymn collection offers ‘much-needed’ resource for LGBTQ+ Anglicans and allies

Le Chœur gai de Montreal (Montreal Gay Men’s Chorus) sings at the annual pride mass at Christ Church Cathedral, diocese of Montreal. A new hymnal expands musical selections for LGBTQ+ Anglicans. Photo by Janet Best Music played a healing role for many Anglicans after an amendment to the marriage canon that would have recognized same-sex marriage failed […]

Canadian Anglican archbishops sign anti-conversion therapy declaration

An international interfaith commission has called for an end to violence against and criminalization of LGBTQ+ people and a global ban on conversion therapy. The declaration by the Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT+ Lives, which launched Dec. 16, 2020, was signed by around 400 religious leaders from more than 35 countries. Among the launch signatories of the […]

Facing ‘the Canadian blindness to racism’: A statement from the Black Anglicans of Canada

“Watching the video of George Floyd’s final moments was heart- and soul-wrenching and shattered any illusion of substantive racial progress, along with the liberal discourse that accompanies it. The realization hit again that we were still seen and treated, at least by law enforcement, as chattel, unworthy, nothing.” Photo: Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock Black Anglicans of Canada deplores […]

Rethinking darkness and light

Adele Halliday, anti-racism and equity officer for the United Church of Canada, says language that equates “black” or “dark” with evil is detrimental to many. Photo: Michael Erdelyi Leaders in the Lutheran and United churches on language and anti-Blackness Adele Halliday still remembers conversations from a church she attended years ago. The congregation constantly associated […]

General Synod-funded research project addresses human trafficking in the pandemic era

The COVID-19 pandemic “has certainly exacerbated migrating peoples’ vulnerabilities to being violated, abused, exploited,” says Andrea Mann, director of Global Relations for the Anglican Church of Canada. Photo: Retrorocket Since it was publicly identified in Wuhan, China, in late 2019, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of more than two million people worldwide. The global pandemic […]

Embracing Constant Revolution and Evolution

We’ve just commemorated Black History Month, which in itself is an admission of failure. It should be unnecessary, redundant, should be part of the daily history of an equality-based society. But it’s not. At our church in Burlington we discussed the iconography of the white Jesus, what it meant, and the damage it caused. Yeshua […]

A Continuum of Healing and Wholeness

Members of the Anti-racism Working Group will be sharing reflections about their perspectives on the group’s work over the next several months. The sixteen participants, invited by the bishop to join a team charged with making recommendations that would help the diocese of Niagara become more just, diverse, inclusive and equitable, are a mix of […]

Anti-Racism Awareness in our Diocesan and Church Cultures

As someone who was not born in this land, I am humbled to walk with those who have been in this longer than myself. The people of African descent have carried deep wounds and emotional traumas resulting from racism, based on the colour of their skin, their language, or place of origin. I respect the […]