A Public Letter on Guaranteed Basic Income

What follows is an open letter signed by 41 Anglican and ELCIC bishops to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance calling for a Guaranteed Basic Income. this letter in PDF format   A Public Letter On Guaranteed Basic Income   The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P. Prime Minister of Canada […]

Human trafficking and a cup of tea

“Human trafficking and slavery are evil, violent crimes against God, creation and humanity. They take root and grow where the commodification of people and the Earth is encouraged and rewarded, where ‘getting something for free is admired’, and where systems of oppression — colonization, imperialism, racism, patriarchy — create and perpetuate false realities, truths, orders, and values.” With those […]

Bishop Advocates for Social Assistance Increase

In a recent letter to local Members of Provincial Parliament, Bishop Susan Bell urged legislators from all political parties to use their voices to speak out in favour of an increase to Ontario social assistance rates. “In doing so, you will help uphold the dignity of some of our most economically vulnerable neighbours in our […]