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Along with our ecumenical partners, our diocese supports university chaplaincies at Brock University, the University of Guelph, and McMaster University. The chaplaincies are places on campus for non-judgmental conversation, discernment, and connection with others. Chaplains can support students with academic, relational, spiritual, and financial concerns. We are grateful to be able to provide financial support, guidance, and council to the much needed university chaplains. 

Each chaplaincy undertakes ministry that is contextual to its campus, but all provide personal support, a variety of programs that range from social justice to faith formation, as well as worship opportunities and places for prayer for all.

Our chaplaincies are well positioned to offer spiritual care to many students, including those who have left the church, those who remain connected but from a distance, and those who have never had a religious affiliation. Regardless of their background, many students have questions about the meaning and purpose of life. We are grateful to be able to support our chaplains.

For more information on Chaplaincies, please contact Sarah Bird, Program Consultant for Children, Youth, & Family Ministries by phone 905-527-1316 x430 or email.

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