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Rooted in our Anglican tradition and the whisperings of the Spirit our children, youth, and family ministry strives to engage each person where they are at in their faith journey.

Our Children, Youth, and Family Ministry (CYFM) seeks to create and uphold authentic and transformative experiences in faith for youth, young adults, and those who minister to and with each person. We aim to equip each person:

  • for passionate leadership, ministry, and advocacy;
  • to empower their response to God’s call and in faith-based decision making;
  • by providing opportunities to explore their relationship with God through brave spaces and in a creative and engaging worshiping community.
  • and to nurture their spiritual gifts.


Prayerfully, we work together to provide an Anglican community that nurtures the spiritual growth of children, youth, and families as partners in the faith community bringing dignity, worth, and gifts to share. Thank you for your commitment to young people and their family members.

Some of the programs we offer together to accomplish these goals include:

  • Sparking Children’s Faith – ages 6-10 years
  • Junior Youth Connections – ages 10-13 years
  • Youth Alpha – ages 14-18 years
  • The Table – ages 19 years and older
  • CYFM Sunday
  • Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP)
  • Youth Synod
  • CYFM Leaders Network


Ignite: CYFM Volunteers & Staff

We honour and uphold volunteers and staff in youth ministry at the parish and diocesan level; respecting their call to ministry by providing continuing education, support, recognition, and resources, and by encouraging them in faithful risk-taking. In our quest for excellence in ministry, participants, volunteers, staff, and parents regularly provide feedback about programs, resources, and goals which is integrated into our continuously developing ministry. We are grateful for the time and skills provided by the many parish and diocesan volunteers that give their resources to enliven this good work.

As we resource parish-based programs with your kind support, we can advocate for and model a broad vision of the church which is inclusive of all people, including those with varying abilities, backgrounds, families, faith experiences, places in their spiritual journey, and church affiliations and understandings.

Please check out the many programs available to children, youth, families, parish leaders, and parish staff. To receive more information about the many CYFM programs please contact Sarah Bird, Program Consultant for Children, Youth, and Family Ministry by calling 905-527-1316 x430 or email.

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